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Monarch Swimming Pools, Inc, has been building custom swimming pools, spas and water features since 1958. In these 50+ years, Monarch has completed hundreds of successful installations. We are as equally comfortable creating a simple backyard play pool as we are installing a state of the art competitive facility or a recreation center. If you've been in Colorado long, chances are you know a satisfied Monarch customer and have probably taken a swim in one of our quality installations.

Monarch specializes in steel reinforced shotcrete construction. All of our projects are structurally engineered and certified for the soil conditions in which they are built.
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You can find a lot of companies that will offer a fancy warranty on paper, but you will not find any others with 50 years of continuous service and support of their products. As a result, Monarch is proud to be pre-qualified by most of the pool consultants, architects and general contractors in this region for projects of all sizes and complexity.
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While our experience is vast, we are always learning and improving. One tremendous resource available to Monarch is the Master Pools Guild. The Guild is an international association of over 90 independent builders, who gather regularly to help and share with one another to improve the industry and the quality of pools produced by each. The Guild has very strong support and input from the major manufacturers in the industry. If we don't know how to build something, odds are one of our Guild member brothers does and will be happy to share their experiences to assure our attempt is successful. Please link to the Guild to see for yourself, the quality of the guild members, and the power of membership in the Guild
As a member of the Master Pools Guild, we have exclusive rights to the Turbo-Clean, in floor cleaning system for residential pools. The original and the best of its kind. With Turbo-Clean, you have a self cleaning pool with no extra pumps and no annoying hoses or cleaners crawling around inside the pool. Quite simply, when the pool is circulating, it is also cleaning itself. How great is that?

Monarch has always been safety conscious, and been progressive in building safe facilities. For over 20 years, every circulation system and booster pump system Monarch has installed residentially or commercially has had dual suction points. With new legislation taking effect December 20, 2008, this will become mandatory for all public facilities.
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Along with this, there will be a requirement for certified drain covers and suction vacuum release systems (SVRS) being retrofitted to facilities that do not have dual suction systems. Monarch has experience with several of the SVRS systems and will work with facilities to reach compliance.
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Residentially, one of the best safety products is an automatic safety pool cover. Monarch has been an authorized installer of Cover Pools automatic safety covers for more than 40 years. In addition to being a layer of safety, these covers also are very efficient at reducing evaporation, which leads to savings of up to 80% in heat loss, water loss and chemical usage. All of which is good for your wallet and environmentally friendly.

With todays energy costs and concerns, many manufacturers are creating "greener" products. While green is not always a positive when associated with pools, it is with the environment.
From energy efficient variable speed pumps, high efficiency heaters, salt water chlorine generation systems to energy saving LED lighting, Monarch can help you create and enjoy a "green" pool.